Increase your Lite-On DVD speed-read ability with burned discs



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  Ssseth used our    news submit  to tell us  about this great collection of some new, however, unofficial read speed  increasing firmware at The Club CD Freaks Recording hardware Forum. It's no...
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Here we are facing 2 problems. First: why do low reflective media like DVD+RW have lower read speads than high reflective media like DVD+R? This is basically a technical problem and the major reason: Signal to Noise Ratio of the optical pick-up. By designing a propper optical pick-up it is posible to achieve good optical and electical SNR for read-out and even for high speed. ( The same problem was also known for CD-R: CD-RW read spead were lower than cdr) Second: Why is the reading spead limited compared to recording? A general statement is: recording is less critical than reading! At this moment the first 16X DVD burners are develloped and already operational. Here it is shown that the radial and focus tracking is less critical for recording compared to reading.


Interestingly, though, the official firmware puts the +RW/-RW limit at the level as the +R/-R limit. It turns out that with the newer readers nowadays, it’s actually a bit more of a function of the burn quality. I have a +RW disc that was burned very well, and I got it to read at the full 16x CAV. Of course, results may vary with different RW media, different burn quality, and different readers, which is why people have the option to choose between a max of 12x, 14x, or 16x. :wink: