Increase the audio of movie

Hey everyone Im new here, and know very little about computers. But I got a movie that I want to watch on my computer, but the sound is quiet, whether the volume is set at 9 or 20 there is no difference (it goes up to 22) Is there something I can do to make it louder, or do I just need to go buy speakers. (looking for quick answers, I really want to watch it now)

First click Start->Run and type Sndvol32 - check that the WAV and Master volume is turned all the way up. What software are you using to watch? With Media Player Classic, you can apply a Volume Boost by going to the Audio settings. That might help.

the WAV and master volume is turned all the way up, and Im using Windows media Player version…any ideas??

The sound is quieter than usual if it’s ac3.

Set the volume in the prefs of such codecs, AC3 etc.

hey, I got AC3filter but not too sure what to do (think ill need one of those ‘for dummies’ books)

Just boost some settings, if necessary.
But not too much, or your speakers will blow. :slight_smile:

Depending on your setup, there may also be “Video” listed in SndVol32.