Increase encoding speed (to divx)

I have a p4 HT machine with 512 dual channel memory and a couple of 80 gig 7200rpm drives.

I’m starting to do quite a bit of divx encoding and notice that my processor only runs at about 55%

Does anyone have any suggestions or a link on how to set up hardware, source and output to get maximum usage from my processor and increase the speed of the encoding?

I have support for SATA and realize that would help, what is the best way to have this drive configured?? as the system? another slave??

Now, don’t throw anything at me, I’m using a quick and easy program called Dr. Divx to encode/archive my video. I mention this because I plan on using it quite a bit, but iit doesn’t have many features to customize. BUT, I’m open to using another process if dr.divx is the problem/bottleneck.

I get 70% cpu usage when using cce 2.5 for dvd’s and such, I’d be happy getting that for my divx encodes.

I guess on the bright side, I still have enough computer GHZ to do some other things while this process takes place.

Thanks in advance.

arggg. forget it. the divx looks terrible compared to the original VOB.

looks like I have to learn how to make proper MPEG4.

why not use Auto Gordian Knot, it’s free and for beginners (uses xvid=free)

I’ll have to give that another shot AGN, I tried it about a month ago for a bit and it was coughing back errors. So I keep working on my mpeg2 stuff.

I like the easy batch setup of drdivx for one thing, I just want to archive this stuff to about 1/3 size, keep the AC3 where I can, but also keep really high quality.

for instance, I don’t know why I can’t make the divx 720x480 the same as the original but use the compression benefits, it always maxes out at some resized(smaller) resolution.

using GN, I can’t seem to set the output of the file to the same as the resolution of the input, again 720x480.

as I said, I have a lot of learning and reading I guess.

The easy123 tools are getting closer though, I can’t imagine hollywood is very happy about that.

thanks for your suggestion.

Doesn’t look like the HT is being used.

If you want to use the input resolution with DivX then you need to use MPEG4Modifier after encoding to set the PAR, as DivX doesn’t directly support it. DivX also probably doesn’t support PAR resizing though, you would need to use XviD to decode or set it manually. Could also use mplayer or VLC for playback.