Increase DVD capacity

Hi, and thank you for actually reading my post.
The last couple of weeks I more and more come across DVD-images that are a little larger than Nero/my drive/my media accepts.

E.g. I have a DVD image that is 4.711.311.360 bytes big, but Nero reports my NEC 3540A is only able to burn 4.707.319.808 bytes on this specific disc.

I also tried it on a Pioneed DVR-105 that I still have.

Is this a media limitation, a drive limitation or in other words : how can I burn this image on a disc.

I have read a bit about overburning DVDs but also read DVD-R cannot be overburned, only DVD+R (I don’t have a +R disc here to try)

Media used: Philips 8 speed dvd-r (codeL FUJIFILM03)



DVD-R can hold a few MBs more than DVD+R, the “biggest” SL DVD-R I’ve had so far had a capacity of 4496mb.

Well, 4496 MB would be enough (the image is 4493 MB big). My media/recorder however reports it can only record 4489 MB …

Is this media dependant, recorder dependant or the combination ?

All of the above? You could TRY different media… couldn’t hurt!

The combination. Some media have more than the specified space and some writers can actually overburn dvd’s. Enable overburning in Nero and try it with a DVD RW first.

I would say both drive and media.

Could you say what kind of content this image contains?

I think you could enable dvd overburning in Nero and burn the image with the Pio 105.
It would stop just before completing and showing an error, but normally all the content should be readable. Only the second TOC would not correctly been written, but not really important normally. At least worth a try… :wink:

The DVD-R with 4496mb capacity was a 4x rated one, probably Verbatim or Datawrite - can’t rem that, too long ago.

are these images of dvd movies? If so you could reduce the image size abit by running them trough a program like dvd shrink to scale the image down to 4.38 gig.