Increase CD-R burn speed with 4163B?



I am using generic CD-R media of which the MID can’t be identified by Nero CD-DVD Speed, but I’ve always burned these at 40x with all my other drives with no problems, but my new LG GSA-4163B refuses to burn them any faster than 8x. How can I increase the writing speed for these discs?


Try installing the newest firmware 104 see if that helps.


Updated to A104 but still won’t burn faster than 8x. Seems I’m forced to keep my old GSA-4040B to burn CDs now. Grrr…


It’s probably limiting the speed for good reason!


Can 4040B identify the MID?


That’s one of the reasons for me to change my 4163b with NEC 3540.


I don’t care much about CD-R writing speeds. I sometimes use GSA-4163/5163 or DVR-108 or PX-708 or SOHW-1613. Mostly 32x max. I choose 8x for DVD burning and 32x for CD burning. Sometimes 12x or 4x for DVD and 24x or 16x for CD.


i use my 401s @ 411s (external) for cdr.


I am guessing that when the 4163B can’t find a MID code on a disc, it uses some sort of default write strategy. This default write strategy is typically limited to a very low speed so that it has a good chance to work with as many types of discs as possible. The 4163B works that way with DVD media so I’m guessing it does the same with CD-Rs. I suspect that is what has happened with your discs.

I’ve had my own problems with my GSA-4163B and CD-Rs : I found that if I use a certain lot of black CD-Rs that look like old records made by Gigastorage, I get a coaster every time. The burn starts then halts with an error at about 1%. Tried 4 discs, even with different burn speeds and got 4 coasters. (I know these aren’t supposed to be the best sort of stuff you can get but they were lying around the house so I was just trying to use them up) The same discs burn fine on my old Plextor 121032A (12X). And no, upgrading to A104 firmware did not help.

I guess the 4163B is a little picky with CD-Rs. All you can do is to use up those discs with your older drive, then buy something else with has a MID code (but NOT Gigastorage!).