Incrdible 48x Write

I burnt a CMC Phthalo CD of iso data on the fly with nero and nero cd speed said it had 0.000% [C2??] errors!

I was very shocked when i saw this but are u guys also getting perfect 48x write?

I used latest nero, 40125W@48125W with f/w VS06.

You sure the disc was written @ 48x? Nero will always report the disc has been written at the selected speed. What was the write time? It could just be the discs work ok at 48x eventhough they’re CMC discs :wink: I have used some Maxell discs at 48x without problems.

48x !!! wow. one day the cd’s might just start cracking.

cd size = 698MB of normal office data.

recorded in 2 mins and 40 seconds

btw i looked at the led throughout- it stayed red [i think]

CDSpeed is known for reporting no errors when there are errors. Run the “quality check” test several times on the same disc and see what you get. If it really has no errors, it should run full speed all the way through each time. It is highly unlikely that a CMC burned at 48x has no errors, the 40x rated ones I have, (Memorex and SpinX), barely burn at 32x.

ur right, i have found it actuall has 87066 errors (0.010%)

btw , in error terms, is 87066 bad for a full CD?

btw , in error terms, is 87066 bad for a full CD?

Depends on who you ask. For me, “0” errors and full speed is the only acceptable result in CDSpeed.

i am sure that is not possible with a 48125w - 0.000% errors maybe, but not 0 errors!

I was speaking of the C2 sort that CDSpeed and WSES report.

me2. i thought cav writing is the reason why perfect burns are impossible