Incorredt Disc c105

Hello all, I am new to this forum and the world of DVD copying. I read many posts about how to copy a dvd.

I burned a DVD as a backup copy using DVD-Decrypter/Shrink (I have children and like to protect my Discs). Every time I tried to test it in my DVD player (Pioneer DVR-RT500 DVD Recorder) I get an error “Incorrect Disc c105” and it will not play. The movie plays in my computer just fine.

Can someone please help me?


the problem is that your dvd recorder doesnt support +R discs , so theres 2 possible solutions

  1. use bitsettings if your burner support it , this will make the disc identify as dvd-rom , so its highly likely that it will work fine on the dvd recorder , even if your burner doesnt support it offically, you might be able to find a modified firmware that adds it (but flashing with modified firmware will void the warranty) , whats your burner?

  2. use -R discs

Thanks for the reply.

I am using DVD-R discs. I also tried DVD-RW discs. I got tired of wasting blank DVD-R’s. So I burn to DVD-RW test then re-burn to DVD-R.


i c , then i guess the dvd recorder is picky , might wanna try other media , but imo using bitsettings along with dvd+r medias will give best compatbility , whats your burner?

I am using a LiteOn DVD+/- RW with Lightscribe. New about 2 months ago. I have burned other discs that do work fine using this burner and same DVD-RW.

My DVD player does not support DVD+ media.


could you be little more specific about the model of this liteon drive? , i alredy know your dvd recorder doesnt support +R media i even mentioned it in my first reply , however it will defintily support it if bitsettings will be used

LiteOn LH-20A1H186C

Thanks again.

your burner support bitsettings , use cd-dvd speed to set it , , in menu goto extra–>bitsetting , as long as bitsetting used with +R ,your dvd recorder should play it just fine regardless to the fact it doesnt support +R , bitsetting makes the media identify as dvd-rom so it improves compatbility , you welcome :smiley:

OK, I downloaded it and installe it.

Does that mean that I should purchase DVD+R/+RW media?

So how do I burn the movie? I use Nero usually. I don’t see a setting for the bitsetting in Nero. Does it do it automatically?



Sorry, You answered my post while I was editing it. How do I burn the movie then?

just like you did before,anyway now that i think about it theres one important question ive forgot to ask , when you burned it did you finalize the disc?

I don’t know. Im kinda new to burning dvd’s.

When I go to the bitsetting and change the book type to DVD-ROM and reburn, it still does not work.

ic , insert the dvd disc to the burner of course,not to your other drive if theres is one and run nero cd-dvd speed get it from here
make sure the right drive is selected ,and goto the “disc info” tab,under “extended information” youll see “disc status” , what does it say?


Book Type is DVD-ROM

then its finalized,defintly not the issue , go buy some +R’s :slight_smile:
[B]what[/B] no way , bitsetting only applies to +R medias it cant be applied to -R’s , are you sure you used -R discs?

I have a +RW that I am using. Dont want to make too many coasters.

oh , and your dvd recorder doesnt recognize it at all? its alredy bitsetted if you saw dvd-rom in there… (by default settings on your drive,bitsetting is enabled for +RW but not for +Rs,i forgot bout that) , oh well maybe its just picky,tryin standard +R medias is still a good idea

OK, something fishy. I just burned another movie with the same disk and same burner and it worked fine. Seems that just this one will not burn. Any suggestions? The burned verision works on computer with media player, just not in my dvd player for TV.

try re-ripping & shrinking & burnning , follow this guide

ripit4me offical site is gone.(owner shut it down about a month ago,seems he had to do it to avoid being sued…) but you can get it from here

[B]edit[/B] theres also this guide