Incorrectly coloured screen grabs from PowerDVD

Hi everyone
First time poster here so please be kind :bow:

I’ve searched through the forum to try to answer this question myself - but to no avail.

I have been playing DVDs OK on my PC, both my own recordings and pre-recorded, and have used PowerDVD’s (version 4) capture button to save the image to file, to clipboard and to desktop.
However, every capture loses the correct colours of the image ie: in one image red was displayed as blue, in another the blue displays as a sepia tone. I’ve tried all sorts of configurations but have got absolutely nowhere. :sad:
I am running on a Dell PC that has an Intel graphics controller, Windows XP, PowerDVD v4. - and I am at a loss.
Please could someone advise where the fault may lie?


Slot Jockey

Are you captures all red or blue or green?

If yes, it’s because the video is protected, and powerdvd prevents taking shots of a CSS protected video.

You could use a decrypter or a dvdshrink to remove copy protections.
anydvd also works excellent, and you don’t have to copy the disc to your hard drive. head over to the site and read up on anydvd.

Hi ChiefNuts,
Thanks for your reply.

The colours are incorrect even capturing from DVDs that I’ve recorded myself. For example, last night I recorded The Sweeney from Men & Motors. To test what PowerDVD would capture, I took a capture of the intro (where the Granada is driving towards the camera). The correct image has an overall blue cast but my captured image was a dark reddish brown. Other captured images from scenes had a multitude of colour variations.
Would a broadcast program include a video protection signal?



In answer to your question. generally no. For the most part I’ve never seen a problem with screen captures with DVD programs (unless it’s the green-blockie CSS crap) but… does power dvd have a feature for a screen capture. and are you capturing the screen in Video-full screen mode? if you can paste a small jpg image of a capture to the next post for help. but try the full screen mode first.

Hi ChiefNuts,
Thanks for your reply and sorry not to get back sooner, been away on hols.
From the full screen mode, I’ve used the Capture function on PowerDVD but still had the same colour problem.
This is a thumbnail of the .BMP captured:

As you can see, aside from the Band Aid on his cheek, John Thaw does not look his best here. Even the Men & Motors logo in the top right corner is blue instead of red!
Any ideas?

Thanks again,