Incorrect PI reporting - drive incompatible with CD-DVD Speed?

I tried searching for this, but couldn’t find anything besides some NEC drives misreporting PI errors.

I have a really old Philips DVD+RW-D28 burner, and just started trying to verify my discs after I had a couple bad burns. When I do a CD-DVD Speed disc quality scan on a CD, it works fine. The 3 I tried all came out with quality scores above 98, and fewer than 12 max PI errors I believe. When I do a DVD, my numbers are impossible. Here’s a scan I just did (it actually failed at the end - it was a bad burn, but my other scans have all started like this):

General Information
Firmware: 1.68
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 14813
Average: 2676.00
Total: 47964647
PI failures
Maximum: 0
Average: 0.00
Total: 0
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 133:31
Number of samples: 8964
Average scanning interval: 16.00 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

From what I’ve read those numbers are impossible. My DVDs all read fine, and my burning software verifies the data with no errors. Is my drive just incompatible with Nero’s CD-DVD speed, and so it reports errors incorrectly? I am also having the problem where 7x is the only speed option, even though my drive is max 2.4x (I read a lot of Lite-On drives do this), so I thought that may provide clues to the problem. I’ve tried 3 different media (Sony, Memorex, and Verbatim) all with similar results.

I’ll post a full quality scan of a better disc later, but they seem to take 2-4 hours. Any help, or links to relevant threads would be appreciated. Thanks.

Quality scan taking 2-4 hours??? WTFBBQ @ that.

Should take 15 minutes @ 4x. I think the phillips drive does not work well for scanning unless you can change the firmware to BenQ. I’m not that sure about it though. Search on the BenQ forums and you might get some firmware to upgrade the drive.

But just as a phillips, I dunno if it’s any use to use for scanning reliably.

Hmm if I’m right isn’t that one of philips first dvd writers.(At the time when Philips, SONY and RICOH and most other +R drives were all the same !)
That drive isn’t supposed to be reliable tester with any firmware.

It is not model made by benq + Philips so it can not be flashed to benq.

This is an very obsolete 1st gen DVD+RW burner as OEM version, build by RICOH (5120).

I doubt scanning with it is anything near useable.

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The average PIE numbers are not “impossible” as this drive reports PIE @16ECC, not @8ECC (which is the standard). The “maximum” values reported by many scanning drives are glitches, so the “14813” number is probably just that, a glitch. An actual graph would have helped, raw numbers don’t mean much with scans, and are even more misleading than the scan itself can be… :bigsmile:

But anyway, your drive does not report PIF, and seems to be one of the very old Philips drives as [B]Dakhaas [/B]mentions, so in my opinion you’re just hurting yourself by trying to use this drive as a scanner. If you want to scan and make some sense out of it, scan with LiteOn, Benq or Plextor.

Thanks everyone. Of course if I had another drive, I’d be using it to scan instead :wink:

I guess I’ll start checking the recommended burners thread, since on top of not scanning, 2.4x max is dreadfully slow. I’m just poor, so I hope there are decent ones for 70 bucks or less.

Writers are fairly cheap now. I can get them for less than 50 AUD (Australian dollar) where I live. Liteons are good, they can do scanning as well. New BenQ drives are simply liteon hardware, but the older ones (DW1640,1650,1655 etc) are all original BenQ drives, they may be hard to find.

I simple suggest getting a Lightscribe liteon writer. It should burn everything and do Lightscribe also if you ever need to.