Incorrect Parameter

I have tried to copy a DVD using Clone DVD 2. When I try to open the video file to start the copy I keep getting the message incorrect parameter. Can someone please tell me what I can do to fix this so I can copy the DVD?

With the very limited information you provide, it will be difficult to diagnose your problem.

For starters please confirm you are performing these basic steps.
You are using AnyDVD in the background to remove the copy protection, Red Fox is red in the task bar. If you’re using another program advise the forum.

When you attempt to rip the Video_Ts folder to your hard drive, using ClonDVD2 you are navigating to the drive the DVD is present in and clicking on the Vide_Ts folder.

I suggest you read the help file in CloneDVD for proper operation of that program, it is quite comprehensive, with that knowledge you should be able to solve your issue on your own.

itzbinnice Yes I am using AnyDVD. I have tried using help but I have found nothing. When I select the Video_Ts and click okay I get the message incorrect parameter. It suggests that I clean the disc and try again. I have tried that and there is nothing on the disc. I don’t have the problem on every DVD only a few here and there. It has happened even on new DVDs that have just been opened. For example I was was coping Pearl Harbor,it is a 2 disc set, it let me copy disc 1 but on disc 2 it gave me the incorrect parameter message.

If you know of something I can try or do please let me know.

@ mistylashae,

To avoid any confusion on exactly what versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD that you are using request that you visit SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.

It should be noted in you first posting in this thread you state that you were receiving an “incorrect parameter” notification. In your second posting you then state you are receiving a “clean the disc and try again” notification. Request that you provide the exact full complete error notification, error code, and the complete associated narrative that is displayed in CloneDVD when you experience this problem.

Have you ensured that this suspect commercial DVD title will play correctly with out and skipping, freezing or any other unusual problems when viewing in your stand alone desk top play back device. Also when playing this suspect commercial DVD title in your computer playback device does it play correctly with out and skipping, freezing or any other unusual problems.

Please provide the Name of the suspect commercial DVD title that you are experiencing this problem with.

Best Regards,

bjkg I was trying to copy the second disc of Pearl Harbor. The message reads Incorrect parameter. Clean media and try again. And yes the DVD plays just fine on media center and in a DVD player. Without any skipping or freezing. I have already downloaded the latest update for AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. I did this last week. Please help!!! I don’t understand why this is happening.

You can try to drag an drop the VIDEO_TS folder to your harddisk (assuming AnyDVD is running) and use CloneDVD from there.

If this works, you have some conflicting program running (Anti Virus Scanner, Packet Writing Software, FileSystem extension).

Tru - Can you tell me how to drag and drop the video_TS folder? An also where do I drag it to? I have never done that before. Please help!!!

@ mistylashae,

Explaining what Forum Member Tru was referring to in his posting #6.

Ensure that the AnyDVD program is activated. Then navigate to the VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD. Highlight the VIDEO_TS folder and copy it or drag the VIDEO_TS folder to your Desktop. Then start the CloneDVD software program and point CloneDVD to the VIDEO_TS folder located on your Destop and then proceed with using CloneDVD in the manner that you usually do. After the back copy process is completed delete the VIDEO_TS folder from your Desktop.

If this above procedure above works note Forum Member Tru comments concerning some type of conflict with some 3rd party software program (Anti Virus Scanner, Packet Writing Software, FileSystem extension).

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Thank you, bjkg!

@ Tru,

You are welcome. I did not want to step on your posting but wanted to provide assistance to Forum Member mistylashae in a timely manner.

Perchance if you have the time and get a chance can you elaborate exactly what you mean by a “FileSystem extension” possibly causing a conflict with the proper functioning of the CloneDVD software program. To be honest I really don’t understand what you are referring to.

Best Regards,

bjkg and Tru

I wanted to say thank you for all your help. You both helped me out so much.

I still don’t know what is wrong with the disc, but I do know that the disc is my problem. Because I tried to copy the disc onto my hard drive and it told me that it could not be copied due to there was something wrong in the VTS_08_BUP.
I don’t understand what the problem is because the disc will play just fine in a player and on my computer.

If you have any sugguestions on this one feel free to share them. Cause I don’t understand.

Thanks a bunch.
Misty Lashae

@ mistylashae,

I have no problem in attempting to provide assistance but you make it difficult because you are so vague as to exactly what error notification you are receiving.

Once again request that you provide the exact full complete error notification, error code, and the complete associated narrative that is displayed in CloneDVD when you experience this problem.

Just because a commercial DVD movie title “appears” to play properly in any particular DVD device does not mean that it doesn’t contain some type of mastering errors that prevent it from being copied. It is not uncommon for a commercial DVD movie to be defectively manufactured. Sometime their quality control is poor.

Most likely the cause of your problem appears to be that your Pearl Harbor #2 DVD disk is defective in that it contains mastering errors that prevent it from being copied. I am not positive of this because of your vague imprecise description of the error nonfiction and narrative displayed by CloneDVD when you experience your problem.

Recently SlySoft released a “beta” copy of AnyDVD that “might” help with you problem. Suggest downloading the “beta” copy and see if the helps with your problem.

Best Regards,