Incorrect audio

I ripped a copy of Hellboy 2 on blu-ray to my hard drive using anydvd hd. When I go to play the main m2ts file the movie is fine but the audio is the director talking through out the whole movie. It is the director’s commentary. I have played back the file using powerdvd and also windows media player and it is the same thing. I know this is the right file for the main movie because it is the largest one at 27gb and the next largest one is only 1.5gb. Is this an error in anydvd or did I do something wrong. Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.

I ripped a copy of another movie the day before and it is fine audio and all. I did the same thing for Hellboy 2 that I did for the first one I ripped. How could this have happened.

For the record I ripped the copy from the disc that I own.

Hi das7771. Only worked w/ powerdvd7 a short time before ugrading to 8 which requires iso rips instead, but sounds like you’re trying to point the program to the file when trying to play it instead of pointing it to the folder containing the whole movie. Just a thought.

I get what your saying…Thanks