Incorect block size

I’m trying to burn Red Alert 2 from ISO using Nero and when I load the image the following error occours.

The entered block size dows not corrispond to the image length. The block size may be wrong.Do you want to correct or ignore the problem?

Errr what do I want to do? It does this with both the allied and soviet disks.

You have to correct it,Nero changes it to the right value itself when you correct it…
Maybe your original setting for such files is 2048 blocks,while the file is actually 2352 blocks…or vice versa…:slight_smile:

Or try cdrwin for iso files…works fine for me

If you ahem acquired the ISO then God only knows how it was imaged. It could be cracked/patched or otherwise tampered with.
Red Alert was an early version of SafeDisc 2. Although this version was ‘soft’, many Ricohs could do it, you still need a capable writer to ensure that the regular bit patterns are written & not corrected.