Inconsistent Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL Quality?

Just purchased 15 packs from Microcenter. Burned with a LiteOn 811S @ 832S (@ 2.4x) and a new NEC 3540A (Liggy & Dee 1.W7) @ 6x (~5.1x average). Both using similar systems and software (DVD Decrypter 3.5.4).
Scanning performed with KProbe2 using the LiteOn drive @ 4x speed.

Most of the discs seem to have outstanding quality (worst case is a short burst of 50-60 PI after the layer break). However, there are some where there is a persistant streak of anywhere from 500-1000 PIs, either before or after the layer break. Goes without saying that PIF goes out the window at those same points.

Any have any ideas? Even though they were $2/pop, I’m not rich enough to throw out bills like that :bigsmile:

Not enough information:
Which drive is burning the discs with the high error rates?

But if you thing those discs are “variable”, try some Ritek DL media. :Z

Sorry about that. Doesn’t matter which drive it was burned in (seems to be somewhat random).

Believe me, Ritek is the last thing I want right now. Loved G04s, got bitten (hard) by G05s and with all the grief others have been having with their DLs, I’ll touch them on a cold day in heck :wink:

Fifteen packs?? Fiften packs of ten discs?? That’s a lot of DL media. That’s too much quantity for my tastes as only a certain few movies are backed up to DL and I rather wait and see if the prices come down further… not a criticism of you by the way.

There is a possibilty that burning @ 6x is the cause of the quality issues. All my Verbatim DL burns were at 4x (no real choice in the matter…my nec3500 maxes out at 4x for DL media) and they all have been pretty good. Not as good as my SL burns but still…
Try burning @ 4x for a cycle or two and see what the results are.

$2 a piece sounds nice, still have to come here (Germany)…

The difference with DL usually comes from the used burner/firmware and software combination, also the chosen speed is a big factor.
I’d suggest to use DVDDecryper and/or ImgBurn.

I had the same experience - some burnt well on my BenQ 1640 but most burnt badly. Its not only the writer - I burnt them using the LG 4163B as well. Same inconsistent quality. I had 2x10 pack. I think DL media is not upto the mark yet. Unless you want to back up DL DVDs, I’d say use 2 x 4.7GB instead :wink:

Could it be something to do with the computers rather than the burners? Was just wondering if maybe a process running in the background could be responsible?

Sad to hear other people are encountering the same issues. :frowning:
When I pay $2/disc for quality media, I expect it NOT to be a game of Russian roulette. Gorram it! :a

Yup! See this as well:

People DO use discs for making their own content, as well as data reasons. The world does not revolve around “backing up” the work of others (commercially released movies, for example). 150 discs is not a lot of media for anybody that does a lot of video work.

Getting back to the original poster, forget the scanning and tests. How does the media perform in a DVD player, and does it pass other tests like surface scans and read speed? Don’t get too caught up in PI/PO stuff, it’s not a perfect test.

DVD+R DL media tends to burn fine at 4x. I’d not push it at 5x/6x.

I burn them at 8x, no problems.

At the moment MediaMarkt in Germany sells packs of 5 Verbatim DVD+D DL for 14,90 €, that is 2,98 € a piece