Inconsistent reads from 812s@832s



My year-old 812s, after casual use (no more than 12 burns, data and movies) started giving me bad burns, and inconsistent readings of DVDs. It will read CDs fine and will play DVD-R movies although it will crash during playing movies. At first I thought it was the media, I was using TDK. Tried Ridata DVD-R with one good burn and one failure. Also burned good HP DVD+RW. However, it inconsistently reads different DVD formats, it won’t read TY DVD+R or Verbatim DVD+RW (data disc) and the same HP DVD+RW (movie) mentioned above. Tried reading with Kprobe, DVD Identifier and Nero’s DiscInfo.

So far I have tried:
Updating firmware: Stock to USOQ
Flashed to 832s (CG5G)
Cleaned lens

This didn’t seem to help.
DVD burner is master on secondary IDE with Liteon CD-RW as slave (DVD burner worked fine previously with this setup)
Using Sonic MyDVD and Nero 6.
WinXp Home SP2
A64 3000, Abit AV8, 1 Gb pc3200
Any assistance appreciated


put it on master


It is.


Either the laser lens needs cleaning or it has reached the end of its useful life. If you are ready for an update, Newegg has the 1673 for $47.