Inconsistent display corruption with DVD-R on Standalone DVD Player




I have a strange problem where I get corruption (square blocks of colour in some or many parts of the screen). Once it happens, it gets worse and worse until the DVD won’t play any further.

It appears to be totally random. I can play a DVD-R from start to finish without problems one day, then the next I get this problem 15 minutes into the movie. When it happens I can put a different DVD-R in the drive and get the same problem, but an original DVD-Video works fine. When it happens if I turn off the DVD player, wait 10 minutes then play again it is fine.

It does not appear to be heat related, I have tried moving the DVD Player to various locations (and it is never hot to touch).

At this stage I have only see this corruption happen on DVD-R’s that have been transcoded, i.e. movies shorter than 100 minutes are yet to show signs of corruption.

All DVD-R’s appear to play fine in my PC DVD drive.

Any ideas? The finger seems to well and truely be pointing in the direction of the Toshiba Standalone DVD Player, but it is not consistant enough to say that. DVD-R’s I have loaned to friends have worked properly in their DVD players (as far as I know anyway, no complaints).

Has anyone else seen the corruption? Should I take a photo and post it somewhere?

Other disks such as CD-R’s with MP3 are ok. VCD and SVCD’s are also fine.

The DVD-R media (Shintaro) I am using is fairly popular in Australia and as far as I know is well regarded for this purpose (i.e. good price and always performs)

Hardware and software details:

Sony DRU-510A DVD Burner (4x + and -)
Toshiba SD2600 Standalone DVD Player
Shintaro DVD-R Media (both 1x and 4x)

CloneDVD v1.2.8.4
DVD Decrypter

Thanks in advance.


Ok, now I have had a chance to read these forums back to front (as opposed to searching) I have found the common terminology is called a “freeze”.

So there appear to be two theories

  1. Poor DVD media

This “could” apply to me as I have only ever used one brand of media. However most people say it happens towards the end of the movie (i.e. edge of the DVD) - but I have seen it any time, 10 minutes in, 30 minutes etc. Sometimes (when really bad) it happens every 10-15 minutes.

This also would make sense where non-transcoded DVD’s work perfectly.

  1. Labels

I have decided this is probably the most liekly culprit. I am totally organised and have labelled all DVD’s with full colour.

DVD’s that freeze don’t appear to have labels worse than others that work (i.e. mis-aligned or bubbles etc), but it might be a good theory.

Also, DVD’s I give to friends typically don’t have labels yet…hmmmm

What does everyone think?

I picked out the worst labelled (misalligned badly) DVD and am playing it int he background as we speak. If it fails (more than once), i will strip the label and try the test again.

I will report back on the outcome, but would still love some feedback.




I have just read elsewhere that Shintaro DVD-R are actually Princo DVD-R. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

These forums seem to have mixed opinions on the quality of Princo…

This still doesn’t really help, because I have also used one Verbatim DVD-R ($7!) to see…and I have seen a freeze on that disk.

So if the label theory doesn’t come good…what else could it be? I think I need to borrow the neighbours DVD player :slight_smile:


Originally posted by junglemaster
The DVD-R media (Shintaro) I am using is fairly popular in Australia and as far as I know is well regarded for this purpose (i.e. good price and always performs)

Thats ONLY because thay are cheap m8, no other reason. They are 100% Princo and I suspect we have been dumpped with B Grade and some A Grade runs of these. Thats why some will say they work fine while others say they are crap.

I find they are generally crap because they are 2 variable in quality, not consistant at all. For similar $'s you can get DataBank 4x and a few cents more you get Ritek 4x. You get what you pay for.


I am still confused. For a while there I though the same.

If the media was bad, surely the same DVD would consistantly play up, and not only that, play up at the same point in the movie each time.

A growing trend seems to be about the 30 minute mark…but then it doesn’t happen for the next few movies.

If it is the media, I am leaning towards being media compatibility, rather than quality. Nothing else (I know of) would explain why they ALWAYS work in my PC DVD-ROM.

I think the only way to be sure is to borrow the neighbours standalone DVD player and test.

Thanks for the response. Any one elses experiences or opinions are welcome!


Interesting update…

I called Toshiba today and found out that I am not the only one having these problems.

Although the manual states the SD-2600 support DVD-R, several users have contacted Toshiba about the problem I am having.

I also found other users on the Internet that state support of DVD-R’s is marginal at best.

They have sent me to a service centre after being very careful what they told me (i.e. the conversation started like “yeah it’s a know problem” to “your unit may be defective”)

I will post my progress as I think it is a wake up call to people who blame the media/program/whatever without ever for one miniute considering the vendor may be at fault!



Yes I agree the DVD players are all to variable as well, particularly Toshiba, Phillips and LG units. Doesn’t matter what the price they are, there is no way I would ever get one of those units regardless of what their specs may read.

However, my experiance has been as I quoted above. My Hytecker (Apex) will play everything and I meen everything. But when it comes to Shintaro or Princo crap, most play flawlessly but many jump, skip & hop particularly somewhere in the last 1/2 of the movie. This does NOT happen with any other media I have tried and I’ve tried a few !

Incopatability of Shintaro/Princo to my DVD Player, no not when I can play everyother brand. And dont assume the Shintaro/Princo conforms to DVDR standards 100% of the time, thats their problem. Their CDR’s were the same, their DVDR’s have followed the same tradition.


I used to get the identical problem on my Toshiba SD-220E (Which is incidentally a superb player). The software I used to transcode was DVDshrink and clone DVD and i regularly used to see the blocks (which are a product of a shortage of data resulting in the mpeg2 decoding breaking down). Suprisingly enough I even occasionally got this problem on non-transcoded discs however transcoded were definately worse. My eventual solution was to upgrade to the newer version of Clone DVD (

Since upgrading i’ve not had a single problem (fingers crossed).

Good luck with things folks and i’ll keep my eye out for other solutions. I liked the way DVD shrink worked and would go back to it if it’d write nonblocky discs.



My library consistes of predominantly DVD+R discs recorded from two different sources - a comuter DVD+R/RW recorder and a consumer Philips DVDR72 DVD+R/RW recorder. Although the two source devices were desgined to work in different realms, both presented the same problem when I played the discs in my Pioneer dv-37 player, which is getting a little old in the tooth, but is still basically a trusty player. At first I thougt it was the player, so I went out and got a Denon DVM-2815 DVD changer, whcih played everyting but exhibited the same problem I expreienced with the Pioneer, except a little worse - The Pironeer was at least able to last longer before the dreaded freeze. Interesting thing was that when I was auditioning various players for compatibility, I found that the top of line Denon DVD Players (DVD-5900, $2000; DVD-2900, $1000; and DVD-2200,$600) were not even able to read the burned DVD+R disc (using DVD xcopy/express), even though they were supposed to be “universal players”.

I have not read anyone report here on DVD+R regarding this particular problem, so I thought I’d chime in and provide the information that this seems to be a cross-format problem. I did not have the same problem with the Philips DVD+R/RW DVD recorder though, but then I did not have it for long and was not able to thoroughly test for that. This may be significant, becasue Philips is the creator of the +R format, so, of all people, their machines ought to be able to play the burned discs without any problems. Will try and get the machine back and see if I could duplicate it. Meantime, any of you out there who owns a Philips player please tell me if you have had similar problems with +R discs.

Another thing I noticed is that this problem tends to raise its ugly head a lot sonner if you play with the FF/RW or chapter skip a lot.

By the way, I seriously doubt that it’s the media. I’ve used different brands like Philips, Memorex, TDK, Verbatim, Sony, and Fuji. All decent quality discs.



I bought a new DVD player (Panasonic S35S) and my whole collection plays perfectly (yes, even the ones I though were destined to be coasters)

After plently of research I bit the bullet and it payed off. I highly recommend the S35S - has played everything I have thrown at it.



I have the same DVD player, and had problems with a backup of Shall We Dance. I first burned it at 8x, and it worked fine on my parent’s Apex. Tried it on my Toshiba, and it loaded, went to the first scene, got choppy, then crashed.

I burned the same movie again at 2.4x and it worked flawlessly. Maybe this will help.


Ihad the same problem,what i did to correct this was to encode the movie file to a different format using a great little program called IMTOO 3GP VIDEO CONVERTER.Encode your movie file to mpeg4 format,when i did this with mine i did not receive one frame jump or freeze frame,every movie plays from start to finish without a glitch,hope it works for you. Just email me if you cant find the link to the program and i will send it to you.


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