Inconsistent burn results using PIONEER BDR-209D and PANASONIC BD-R


I’ve burnt my first few BD-Rs and I’m getting slightly inconsistent results.

I will appreciate any thoughts and ideas regarding the burning quality, and suggestions on how to improve them or make them more consistent (different firmware for the burner/scanner drives, burning software settings etc)

Burner: Pioneer BDR209-DBK. flashed to the newest firmware version 1.34.
Scanner: Samsung SN-506BB. stock firmware as I haven’t found any newer version.
Media: Panasonic BD-R 25GB LM-BRS25MP30 (2016 version).
All discs were written at x4 using ImgBurn using default settings.


Some minor diffrences are normal, don´t waste your time with thinking about how it get better :wink:

BD-media decrease in some years noticeable, it relates the quality after burning


According to the thread here

They are getting much better scan results than me, with the same burner and media.
So I’m wondering what can cause the difference and how can I improve my burns.


I wouldn’t worry about that, there is always going to be some variance between different batches of the same MID. It all comes down to luck, really. Your scans look fine. Also don’t discount differences in the scanning drives, even if they are the same model.


Will there be any benefit by downgrading the firmware version?

Browsing the forum, I think I read somewhere that older firmware versions (prior to 1.34, which I’m currently using) result in better quality burns.



Could you try 6x with those Panasonics? I’ve seen some weird results with Pioneer drives where 4x was worse than 6x.

Regarding firmware downgrade, I don’t recommend it, the results I had (with CMC Verbatims though) where worse with 1.20. You could try to use 1.50 though.


I’ve tried x6 with those panasonics. Results were about the same, and a bit worse.

Thanks for the info regarding older firmware.
I’m a bit hesitant upgrading to 1.50, as according to pioneer’s webpage once upgraded to 1.50 the drive will not revert to an older firmware…


Downgrading Pioneer firmware is not a straightforward job regardless of the version you have. Check this forum thread: DVRTool - Pioneer DVR/BDR firmware flashing utility (v1.02)


Well, they always say the firmware can not be reverted to a previous version, wasn’t any different with 1.34.
But I downgraded to 1.20 (from 1.34) with DVRTool, to check whether 1.20 would be better than 1.33 or 1.34 (as some reports suggested), but my results with 1.20 were worse than 1.34, and now 1.50.


Did you get better results with 1.50, compared to 1.34?


Currently I’m just using CMC Verbatims (CMCMAGBA5) and 4x & 6x Panasonics (MEIT02 & MEIRA1), the results I had with 1.50 yet were not much better if different at all compared to 1.34, but consistenlty better than with 1.20.


I see.
And what about the results of your MEIT02 (x4) compared to MEIRA1 (x6)?
MEIT02 price is considerably higher, isn’t it?


Unfortunately 4x MEIT02 got far too expensive, at the time I bought them they were a bit cheaper than the 6x MEIRA1.
The results are amazingly good for both, but the 6x MEIRA1 have a larger range of errors, but both 4x & 6x Panasonics are simply the best media you can buy.