Inconsistent Booktype Setting on GSA-H42L

I’m getting pretty fed up with backing up my DVD collection. First, the riplocks make the process artificially long. Then, LG’s incompetence in actually being able to write a couple of bits to allow my DVD player to play them back successfully is creating a mountain of dual layer coasters.

I’m using writing to RITEKD01’s with DVD Decrypter on this hunk of junk GSA-H42L. I set the booktype with DVD Decrypter for DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM. “Success!” I’m told, but alas, the writer decides to do whatever the hell it wants. Sometimes I get DVD-ROM, but most of the time it’s DVD+R DL.

I’m sick and tired of creating coasters and wasting money. Is there any other way to force this thing to set the booktype of DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM? Failing that, can anyone recommend me a new burner that ACTUALLY DOES WHAT YOU TELL IT TO DO?

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First of all the problem doesn’t lie in the drive but with the brand of Dual Layer media that you’re using. Ritek is rubbish media. It is better to use Verbatim DL media & the freebie software, “ImgBurn” to burn DL media.
The author of Dvd Decrypter is also the author of ImgBurn.

It’s a known fact that Verbatim Dual Layer media is the best to use! :wink:

Nero doesn’t properly set the booktype either. My DVD+R SL’s play just fine in my DVD player without the DVD-ROM booktype, but they are Verbatim (MCC004). Is it the media itself (RITEKD01) that is making my DVD player go crazy and not the booktype?

The most probable explanation is that the burner can’t properly bitset the media to ROM because the media is defective in some way.

Until you have tried some decent DL media (i.e. Verbatim), you have no way to know what actually goes wrong, because just as [B]DVD_ADDICT[/B] rightly put it, Ritek DL is garbage stuff.

Also follow his recommendation to use IMGburn for DL burns. :iagree:

In all probability, yes. RITEKD01 is notorius for giving both DVD writers and DVD players fits. Many DVD writers have problems writing to this media code successfully; in cases where they do, the burned discs have problems being played back on DVD players. Have a browse through the DVD writer reviews on the main CDFreaks website ( if you don’t believe me.

The problem is the media itself. As others have stated, it is crap. It might seem to be cheaper but after you add up the cost of all the unsuccessful burns and discs that DVD players reject, it isn’t that cheap any more.

I picked up some MKM003’s, and they work perfectly. Thanks.

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That’s great you got the Verbatim DL media. :slight_smile: