Inconsistantly freezing

Hello, just looking for some advice to a problem i am experiencing. I have backed up some of my Soprano DVD’s onto Princo discs and when i play them back on my Sony stand alone some of the disc’s are freezing every now and again for a few seconds and then the movie continues fine. This is happening all over the disc and not just near the end, however if i go back and watch the part that froze again it plays fine without skipping. When i watch it on my computer it plays without any problems at all. Could the Sony stand alone player be the problem?? Thanks.

is the disk not scratched? i’ve got a sony to and it hicks sumtimes if the disk has a scratch!

princo is not looked favorably upon quality wise by many people. Try using slightly higher quality media and see if the situation improves

Also try lowering your burn speed as btspm said these are considered cheap discs, what writer do you have as this can also cause problems with Princo discs as some drives are more picky about what media they write to.

Im using a pioneer A06 and writing at x4. I realise that Princo isnt great media but am alittle confused as why it works sometimes and freezes others. If it was a problem with the disc wouldnt it always freeze at the same spot and how come it works 100% fine when played back on the computer?? It may only freeze for 2 or 3 second four or five times over an hour episode and then if i watch it again it works fine. Thanks for your help.

it sounds like the laser from the player is having problems keeping locked on the disk which could be a media/player problem. If you can, see if the burn plays on another set-top box, if so then it’s your player and that media, if not, it’s the media…