Inconsistant recording speed



:a :bow: :frowning: I hope somebody can help me. I have a nec-2500 and I am very happy with it. 1 thing is still a problem. When I rip with DVDshrink everything is OK. Even when it makes a backup it writes at full speed in 10 minutes. I use 4 speed discs and with the updated firmware I can write it at 6 speed. But when I burn the same image with Nero or RecordNow Max it burns at 2 speed. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong here? I already reinstalled everything but it still doesn’t work. Some other images in Nero and RecordNow do burn at 6 and 8 speed. But only the old ripped images. Like I said b4 the latest images burn the 1st backup with shrink at 6 or 8 speed but burning this same image with Nero or RecordNow seems to take ages. I don’t think it is the files cause withDVDshrink it made a backup at full speed. Maybe a pro can help me out here.


Wendy :iagree: