Incomplete session/border?

LiteOn 451@832, VSOE firmware.

Recently after burning when I go to KProbe is a get a “Disc is Empty” error and when I check the disc info I get an Incomplete Session/Border error.

Anyone else seeing this? Hardware, firmware, or media issue? Time for a new burner???

Disc Type = DVD-R
Manufacturer = Taiyo Yuden Company Limited

<< Disc Information >>
Erasable = False
Status of Last Session/Border = Imcomplete Session/Border
Disc Status = Imcomplete Disc
Number of First Track/RZone on Disc = 1
Number of Sessions/Borders(LSB) = 1
First Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 1
Last Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 1
Disc Identification Valid(DID_V) = False
Disc Bar Code Valid(DBC_V) = False
Unrestricted Use Disc(DRU) = True
Disc Type = CD-DA or CD-ROM Disc
Disc Identification = 00000000h
Lead-in Start Time of Last Session = 00:00:00(00:00:00h)
Last Possible Start Time for Startof Lead-out = 00:00:00(00:00:00h)
Disc Bar Code = 0000000000000000h
Number of OPC Table Entries = 0

<< Track Information >>
Number of Complete Sessions on Disc = 0

Quick update,

I put the disc in a player and it played fine.

KProbe 2 also doesn’t give an error, just the earlier version.

I reburnt the disc from the same source files and the reburnt one shows as a complete session.

Interesting, there must be something different between the two, but it apparently doesn’t stop it from being playable.


Out of curiosity, does this happen with different software?