Incomplete DVD burn

I recently bought a KHypermedia 8x DVR +RW and installed it as master (slave is a MadDog 16x DVD) on the secondary IDE channel on my XP system. I have upgraded to the most recent firmware and am attempting to burn with Nero (version 6+). I have been able to successfully copy small audio files (15 windows media songs or 8 mp3s) onto CR-R media. However, anytime I attempt to copy larger files (from my HD), either onto CD-R or DVD+R media, my system freezes at anywhere from 20%-60% completion. I have tried larger files at 1X up to 24x speeds, and the problem is consistent throughuot. The read buffer is constantlyt at 100%, and I have used the EndItAll program, so I do not believe it is an underrun problem. This has happened in both Nero and DVDclone. Any suggestions (perhaps a change my drive configuration) would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

What are your system specs?

XP, Duron 1.3, 768 SDram, 60 GB, Chaintech 7AJA2E motherboard