Incompatible media?

I have gotten a new dvd burner, a sony drx-510ul. i have tried using imation dvd-rs and phillips dvd+rws both discs are not being recognized as compatible media, however i have used 2 out of the 5 pack of imations i got with no problem, however the other 3 are now not being recognized, anyone have any ideas, please help.

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i have tried using imation dvd-rs and phillips dvd+rws…
Both are CMC. What do you expect from them ?
You better find (any of) those

well i have a spindle of 100 t.y’s on the way, i had heard they were amongst the best, so hopefully it is just a media issue, but now i am more curious about the 1st 2 discs working and none of the others.

ok now it is telling me that the t.y’s are incompatible. i think my problem is something else, please help, anyone???

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ok now it is telling me that the t.y’s are incompatible.
In what way ? What did you do to define it ?

please elaborate, what do you mean how did i define it?

…that “the t.y’s are incompatible”.
I mean, have you already burnt the new TY ?

My DVD-writer is Sony DRU500A and the TY DVD-R is the only media that is 100% playable there
AND in my standalone Panasonic.

sorry for the misunderstanding. no i have not burnt, when i mean incompatible i mean my burner does not recognize the media, sony has had me update the frimware, but this has not helped either, now i am trying to using another program.
dvddecryptor- incompatible medium present
recordnowdx - not ready
mydvd- awaiting results now

ok after dealing with techs from sony and dell all evening the only thing that managed to happen was my drive quit altogether. i finally found info on nvidia drivers which helped me get the drive back up and running, i have cleaned the registry, i have purged all burning programs and reinstalled alot of drivers and now i am back at square one, my drive will not recognize blank media, it recognizes blank cd-rs and dvds with info on them already, but not blank dvd-rs or dvd+rws.

on a side note at one point the drive properties informed me i had 2 region changes left, now all 5 are back(which is nice since i never changed them) and my burner is a drx-510ul and the driver says it is a dru-510a, not sure if that is what the problem is or not, sony says a driver is not needed and did not include one with the drive. anyone out there have any similiar issues or any ideas i could try.

I also have the sony drx510ul (firewire) and never occured problems like yours. However if you are using windows 98(SE) you do need to install a driver wich is on the dvd with your sony