Incompatibility of SHM-165P6S with external enclosures

Hi guys,

Anyhting known about any kind of incompatibility of SHM-165P6S with any external enclosures?

I put it into Macally 5.25 enclosure and it freaked out (LED on, no reaction on Open button). I’m still in guessing whom to blame - the box or the drive?

Make sure the jumper is set as the Master/Single, and also check the chipset of the enclosure - look for what’s written on the chip on the board, drives can be picky about the chipset in use. For example, I have a hard drive enclosure that I use for my burners mostly, it’s a Genysis (will have a ‘GL’ code on it) and it handles all of my burners well, although I limit it to mostly 8x and occasionally 12x speeds.

It’s Macally PHC500BC with Cypress AT2 for Usb and Initio for firewire. Are they particularly bad for SHM-165P6S?

And yes, I tend to RTFM, so jumper is on Master.

I don’t know if there’s a particular issue with this drive and Cypress chipsets (I have no experience with Firewire w/enclosures). I know that there’s a big thread here specifically dealing with enclosures/chipsets, you might want to look at that.

Duh, of you read this forget what I said, I messed up. :doh: My enclosure is fine with my LG, the LiteOn is sitting inside the case. Sorry for the confusion. :o

Well, that thread doesn’t seem to be very alive. I posted here mostly in hope to find people with extensive experience with Liteon issues.

Anyways, I’m not sure it’s about chipset. Box have two - USB and FW. Now, drive goes crazy just after I connect IDE cable - [B]it’s not yet connected to pc for chipsets to intervene[/B]. My guess it’s drive controller, but… can a drive controller be “incompatible” with a standart drive?


No. Liteon’s retail external drives use AT2 based enclosures, and my experience with that combination (I ran my Sony DW-G120A@SHM-165P6S in an AT2 based case) are very good. So either your enclosure is bad or your drive.


Give a try to Master/Slave/Cable Select separately. My 165P6S work ok with jumper set to Master. However, 165P6S@G120A have to be in Slave state.
External enclosure is GL811.

In my opinion, Liteon would work with almost any external enclosures.

I think I tried Slave… Manual to enclosure said it has to be Master, but I did try Slave.

Anyways, I RMA-ed Macally, so I hope the replacement will do better…

Huh? My Sony DW-G120A@SHM-165P6S in GL811 enclosure is set to [B]master [/B]and works fine. Also, the manual stated that the drive has to be set to master, and they even put a sticker “set your drive to master” onto the enclosure.

In my opinion, Liteon would work with almost any external enclosures.


Yes, I have crossflashed 165P6S to G120A. Strangely, G120A have to be set to slave to work. Back to 165P6S, it requires Master jumper. All are in my GL811 external. Notice? Firmware difference.

I have two different GL811 externals, and one NEC external exclosure for BenQ 1655. :o

An update, for future generations: I received a replacement of that Macally enclosure, and it works with Liteon connected to the laptop with Firewire flawlessly.

:clap: Great! Have fun with your drive :smiley:
And thanks for reporting back.