Incoming traffic at port 38270



In my router log I see a couple of requests at port 38270. I’ve Googled and couldn’t find the purpose of this port. Does anyone have an idea?


Hubby says he’s used ports in that range in VPNs and P2Ps before, always in some file-transfer or request-for-service mode. Sounds like one of those “someone’s knocking, asking permission” attempts. Not that they need to restrict those to only certain ports…

So, no help from me on this…I’m unsure if there are absolute restrictions to certain ports for certain services, and if those aren’t just ‘gentlemans agreements’ anyway.

In the last few days, I’ve seen “can’t access server” trying to get to Club MyCE, but if I go to BING and search then click on Bing’s returned Club MyCE link, it works. No idea why this occurs - I’ve written it off to ‘timing’ and moved on.


Sorry… correction. After checking, his uses were 3[B]3[/B]270, not 3[B]8[/B]…


If your IP address not fixed, you were probably assigned an IP address last used by someone using P2P software such as BitTorrent that was configured to use that port as an incoming port, in which case there will be some P2P clients still trying to connect.


Yeah, some P2P redundancy…