Including crack.exe in installation

hey guys, im new here, love the site, but i have a question. is there a way to burn an image of a game, turn it into an iso, and edit it to include a crack .exe so that when i install it i wont have to put in the disc?
i ask because i bought the f.e.a.r dvd, but back up all my discs (incase they scratch) and dont like to have to put it in and take it out all the time. just wondering if it wernt to technical. i use magiciso - got the suggestion from a forum on your site!


[I]Disch[/I], you’d better read forum’s rules before posting stuff like this.

From the rules:

We do not allow, nor condone any messages containing:

[li] Requesting for or posting of serial numbers, direct links to cracks or any other information that violates copyright laws or any other laws protecting intellectual property;
[/li]> [li] Requests for downloads of anything that is not freeware, shareware, trial versions or copyright-free material (hence, no ISOs, Warez or MP3s that are protected by copyright). Any references to such activities will also lead to deletion of the topic;
[/li]> [/ul]

Consider yourself warned. :cop:


:doh: thanks for the warning and not ban ha ha wont happen again sir :bow: :bow: