Included software SOHW - 1213S Retail -Black

Can anyone that purchased a retail black SOHW - 1213S tell me what software they received with their drive?

I recently purchased the above drive and on the box it says that Nero Express is included but instead I received Sonic MyDVD.
I emailed Liteon and they wanted a picture of the box that say’s Nero is included so I emailed them back a picture of the box. Now they won’t answer my emails.


I ordered the beige and got Nero Express 6. You want mine? :stuck_out_tongue: I ordered enough Liteys that I have more burning apps than I can use. :stuck_out_tongue:


Code youre really a nice guy :iagree:


Im interested how “sonic my dvd” burns are. Would you mind burning a disc, scan it with kprobe and post it here? ^^


Sorry, but I didn’t install MYDVD. :Z

Thanks for the offer CODE. :bigsmile:

I get better quality burns with RN than with Nero…

i got sonic with my black 1213

I got MyDVD with my 812S. A friend of mine said he really hated Nero for burning DVDs. So he tried a lot and liked MyDVD the best. Newegg had an 812S with nero and one with MyDVD, so I got MyDVD. I still haven’t installed it though. Nero had been working great for me and I have no plans on switching. I might try it out next time I burn a DVD. But who knows when that will be.

Thanks everyone for the replies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I normally wouldn’t have complained, but the front of the box states that Nero is included in the package. :a

Yah, it varies. I’ve gotten Nero sometimes and Sonic sometimes.