Inception DVD audio engine not found

I’m not sure where the problem lies but when I rip Inception DVD to my hard drive then use VOB2MPG I get an error that the audio decoding engine can not be found. When I use VOB2MPG and go to the disk directly, in other words eliminate DVD Fab I do not receive the error.

Not willing to say for sure it is DVD Fab. Seems like it might be though. I’m d/l latest released version now and will try again.

VOB2MPG is looking for something it finds on all my other DVD Fab DVD rips and finds on the original disk. Inception DVD rip and VOB2MPG can’t find something in the ripped files.

Released version yields same result. Also when I make an mp4 with released version of ripped Inception DVD, no audio unless I transcode it. Even copying MP4 to the PS3 and play off PS3’s hard drive, no audio.

This is the only ripped disk that has this behavior. I’ve just checked A-Team, Shrek, some older ones I have, they all work fine.

Is it possible Inception DVD not being handled correctly by DVD Fab?

By the way, good movie…

I reinstalled Klite codec pack and no longer have error message. Why just this dvd rip is beyond me. Something must’ve gotten goofed with a pointer to a codec in registry with a reinstall fixing it…

On Blu-ray the audio is out of sync with the video.