InCD4 installation error

I just installed a new CD R-RW which has Nero Express 6 and InCD4 software. The door on my other CD R-RW permanently stuck. All went well, until I tried to install the InCD4 and I received an Un-install ‘Drive letter access’. Uh…what does that mean?

Do you have Sonic DLA installed? If so, you need to uninstall it to use InCD. They do the same thing.

I am curious. How did the door on your cd-rw get permanently stuck. Can’t you open it with that little release hole in the front?

I had another CD-RW which was Veritas, but I un-installed all of that. I had long since lost the little gizmo used to open the door. One day it opened , then next day, no deal. Electronics have it in for me. My dishwasher’is so screwed up that I know all the repairmen by their first names and its only 6 months old. One more time and they get to replace it.

Do you have any ideas on how to get this stubborn thing to accept the InCD4 software?