My name is Guy and I am new here.

  1. I heard that InCD can make the OS think my CD/DVD burner is just another drive. Is that so?

  2. Is InCD a separate product, or is it a part of another product?


Don’t think it is InCD you need to do this.
InCD is a program that makes your CD-RW kind of work like a floppy…you can write files to it and delete from them. (InCD is a separate program, but gets shipped with Ahead’s Nero)

You are looking for a virtual CD program, like Daemon Tools. With that program you can ‘mount’ an image of a CD (backup on your hard disk) and it’ll pretend it is an actual CD in a CD-ROM drive


However what I would like to have is way to write data from my program into DVD RW. I would like also to be able to delete data from the DVD RW. Now waht is the best way to accomplish that?


If InCD is working properly, when you insert an unformatted CD-RW disc it will want to format it. After formatting, or if it was already formatted, then Windows will treat the disc just like it is a floppy disc or IDE drive and you can drag and drop files. It’s pretty neat :slight_smile: