Just installed my Lite on 40x12x48 burner yesterday and all went well and burnt my 1st audio disc no probs. (I am a Newbie to burning.)

However I went to load in the InCD/packet writing software on the Nero disc and it came up with the following message:

“The adaptec CD-Burning plugin for windows media player was detected on your computer and could lead to problems with InCD. Do you want to proceed anyway??”

I do not know what to do so I said no for now and thought I would seek some forum advice on this:)

How important is InCD to burning cds back-ups etc and what should I do if I need to install it.??

Buy the way what the hell does InCD really do??

Have you read the manual on InCD?
Have you searched this forum on InCD?

I assume you are running Windows XP as OS?

Here you can read more information on what InCD is nd how it works:

And more documentation here:

Read this

Thank you for your replies people. Da taxman I understand your fustration with newbies and have seen how you (slightly) flame others in similar fashion, but i still thank you for taking the time to send me the info in your post.

I am new to this forum and a bit lost in technical speak so I look to people like yourself for help. Sometimes the search does not cover all I want to ask as it did in this case so I thought a post would be easier than reading a 20 to 30 page manual which did not cover two of my questions.

One question was: is it worth installing and it seems from alexnoe’s kind answer that it is not. The other question was how or should I get around the warning that came up on my screen.(This question was retrospective to ‘is it worth installing’).

What was probably the core of my question (but I was to frightened to ask for being flamed ) is can I burn cdrw’s without InCD or am I confined to burning cdr only on the nero software less InCD that came with my burner.

Please understand that for a newbie to to understand a 130 odd page tech manual on nero then a 20 to 30 page tech manual on In cd plus trying to learn new programs like clonecd etc it can be a bit perplexing so the easy thing to do is ask people like yourself who are guru’s a refined question. You know what it is like you get a new toy and you want to run before you can walk lol.

By the way I am running win 98.

I don’t wish you to take any offence to my reply I just wish you to understand my thoughts. I do appreciate the time you take to post me a reply like you did and if you wish the PM please do.

All the best trueblue

you can uninstall the roxio burning plugin by downloading and reinstalling media player 7.1 there is an option that will let you not install the plugin


I do understand your point, but I hope you do also understand mine.

I got involved with this forum because I enjoy helping people and, up to a point, I am able to do so. But, I do expect people to put in a little effort of their own, rather than to post questions because they don’t feel like looking for an answer themselves.

In this respect I can tell you that if you had phrased your questions differently, showing you had put in a little effort of your own, I would not have responded they way I did (as you put it, slighlty flaming).

We have a few useful posts at the top of the newbie forum that can help you in finding questions to your answers. Not only a simple referral to our search function, but also a link to a writing guide for newbies.

I have been around for quite some time and I think that I have always been fair in my decisions. I may not always appear to be the most polite, but I believe in helping people help themselves, which means I have to refer them to the search function a lot.

A wise man once said:
If I feed the hungry, they have food for a day.
If I teach them to grow their own, they have food for life.

As to your first question, there is a standard writing program from Roxio in Windows XP which you can disable (perhaps even, should disable). This is a cause of many errors when using different writing programs. How to do this can, again, be found through our search.

As to your second question, I have InCD installed, but I’ve never used it…

It makes your cdr able to act like a floppy drive. Ie drop and drag etc. It’s probably not worth installing unless you need it. I’ve used it once just to see if it worked.

It is also fully capable of rendering a disc unreadable within one millisecond.

Thank you to all that replied to my posts I really appreciate the help.

I am Bloody glad we have these type of forums on the net otherwise it be a whole lot harder.

Thanks again

and Da taxman I do understand your point of view and thanks for your reply.