Ok question is how do you make the cd come out?

Well I used to use direct cd which when I wanted to add data to a previously formated disc used to let me do so and then make the cd come out without closing it. In incd when I right click on the tray incd Icon no such option. If I am correct then it doesnt even give me an option to close the cd either. Plz help


Yes it does… When you insert a formatted CDRW the tray-icon will turn green and an option to eject the CD appears… Please note that you first need to format the CDRW. Insert a blank CDRW and rightclick on the tray-icon and select ‘Format’.

When it’s done you can now put the formatted CDRW in your writer and InCD will automatically see it (and the tray-icon will turn from red to green) and you can use the CDRW as a big floppy :wink:



Well the thing is the incd icon never turns green. I have formated cdrw’s and used it as you said large floppies but when I want to take the cdrw out, I have either reboot or activate directcd. After activating direct cd I just right click and hit eject. but this is anoying coz directcd is known to have heaaaaaaaaaaps of formating problems.

Note : I have disabled both at startup, and only turn the feature(incd or direct cd) when I need.

Plz help
used 2.24 and 2.26


Are you sure InCD and DirectCD aren’t causing a software conflit? InCD is known to cause problems with DirectCD… DirectCD is known to cause a lot of problems with a lot of software (e.g. Nero) :rolleyes:


I 'll uninstall direct cd then. Will that be enough or do I have to uninstall othe software. I have installed nti cd maker 2000,nero,winoncd3.8,cdrwin4a and some other burning appz. I do not have a burn proof drive and dont need it coz these days never get a coaster.
thanks for the hlp
in advance