INCD when is it going to work always

Having used every version of INCD for the last few years & having had problems every time I upgraded.

Silly me upgraded again to the latest version 337 which came out early September.

Every time I switch off my computor the new version deletes all my files on the INCD disk.

Also it keeps asking for the disk to be reformatted.

After trying every solution I have finally gone back to the old version of INCD 331 and yes it works a treat.

Do Ahead software not check their upgrades before releasing to the public.

I am using Windows XP.

I had that exact problem with IN-CD on my Samsung drive. I use two computers, both with Windows XP, one with a Lite-on 40x12x48 (overclocked 32123s) and one with a Samsung 8x8x32. I installed the same IN-CD version on both. When I format a CD on the PC with the Samsung drive and copy a bunch of files to it, I can view the contents of the CD fine. That’s until I eject it. Once I reload the CD, it’s blank again!! :confused:

On the PC with the Liteon drive, I have not experienced any problems yet. To solve the problem with the PC with the Samsung drive, I removed In-CD and installed Direct CD and I can read & write to CDs just like the other PC with In-CD. Direct CD formatted CDs read & write fine with In-CD and vice versa.:slight_smile: Nero burning ROM itself hasn’t give any trouble with either drive.