inCD, W2000 and Blue screen of death!



I am trying to run Nero and inCD 2.2.4, but I get a BSOD whenever I try to access the CD/RW drive. I have a Plextor 1210a
and it worked OK under W2000 and DirectCD, but now the computer reboots and I cannot find any way to get tech support from

I have a Dell 8100 (P4) with 384M ram and 40 G harddrive.

any comments welcomed…


Do you still have DirectCD installed?
If so…remove that horrid program at once, it is conflicting with DirectCD.

InCD works great here with Win2k Pro.


I did have direct CD at one time, but uninstalled it. I also checked that the following files had been removed as per the Nero helptool.
Any more ideas welcomed…


I had this same problem with InCD that comes with Nero 5.5. I just got into Windows using safe mode and unistalled it. Then they had a newer version on the Nero site. I downloaded it and it works like a charm.

Just download the latest version.


I found the problem. It is the latest Intel Ultra ATA driver.
I reinstalled the older driver and all is well…:cool: