Incd version 3 needed please



Does anyone know of a valid url where I can download version 3 of Nero InCD?

All the links that I’ve come across tonite are ‘dead’ … or simply switch over to version 4.



Try in nero 5.5


I could possibly pack & email that to you if you can’t find anything. Removing all the language options & WIn95 it comes to about 4.5mb.


If you could/would, that would be great!! I’ve looked for hours. Appears that Ahead has purged all posted download links; at least it seems that way to me.

I use XP PRO so W95 is not needed. Also use a fairly fast connection, satellite, and should d/l relatively quickly.

Thanks much!!!



I’ll email a rar file to your registered email address if that’s OK. If you prefer a different email address then PM me with it.


That will be A-OK.

Thanks bunches ! ! ! ! !


It’s on it’s way. I’ve a relatively slow upload so give it a little while before checking.


That would be GREAT … to the email address ! ! ! !



Got it!!!

Again, THANKS. This time won’t lose it when reformatting hard drive.