InCD v4 specifically v4.3.23.2

I recently upgraded Nero6.x/InCD OEM software having just purchased a DVD-RAM drive, and starting my first burns. I now have InCD v4.3.23.2 .

Well things didn’t/haven’t gone so friggin well. :Z

There is a bug with InCD4:

After you use the InCD 4 program from Ahead Software to delete the contents of a DVD-RAM disc, and then you try to format the disc as FAT32 in Microsoft Windows XP, the formatting operation may be unsuccessful. Additionally, you may receive the following error message:
“Windows was unable to complete the format.”

The formatting operation is unsuccessful when you try to format a DVD-RAM disc as FAT32 after you use InCD 4;en-us;836165&FR=1&PA=1&SD=HSCH

  • which tells u to install SP2. Ofcourse I already have this installed. My cdrom.sys file is more recent than the one listed in this article.
    article cdrom.sys file version: 5.1.2600.1513
    my cdrom.sys file version: 5.1.2600.2180

I have the latest SP2 updates so I can only assume the problem is with the update of InCD4 to the version.

I am not sure how to uninstall the Nero Update. I would like to “roll back the drivers” to see if my earlier version of Nero 6/InCD4 will work.

Then I read this which really pissed me off:

Windows XP supports the DVD-RAM file systems
Article ID : 283588
Last Review : January 13, 2006
Revision : 2.1
This article describes the ability of Microsoft Windows XP to support the DVD-RAM file systems.
In Windows XP, DVD-RAM disks can be used as either CD-ROM/DVD-ROM devices or as rewriteable disks. The support technology for DVD-RAM uses the file allocation table 32 (FAT32) file system for read/write operations and enables the use of the Universal Disk Format (UDF) file system for read-only operations. DVD-RAM also supports multiple-session recording and logical block addressing.

The following list contains the DVD-RAM drives that are supported in Windows XP:
• Hitachi GF-2000
• Toshiba SD-W2002
• Matsushita LF-D311S
• Matsushita LF-D311BK
• Matsushita LF-D311GK
• Matsushita LF-D311HS
• Matsushita LF-D311H
• Matsushita LF-D311BW
• Matsushita LF-D311SC
• Matsushita LF-D311M
• Matsushita LF-D311G
• Matsushita LF-D311HG
• Matsushita LF-D311F

Note Universal File System Driver (UDFS) has a writable path in Windows XP to support volume writes to format UDF to Fat32. If the media is formatted to the CDFS (9660.x) specification, Windows XP does not have a write path, and the media will be perceived as read-only.

• Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional;en-us;283588




Dump InCD.

There are special drivers so support writing to DVD-RAM & this has been discussed in various threads recently.

When I find the best one I’ll be back & post some links.

Here’s a thread with the link to the Panasonic DVD-RAM drivers which is all you need.

InCD is the most buggy program in the history of human kind. I am “using” it for almost 10 years (from the v3.x version in the nineties) and it keeps amazing me with inceredible new ways of failures.
I most wonder, how did the v2 and (gasp!) v1 look …