Hi all

I need to get InCD V3. I have some problems with InCD V4, as it doesn’t want to write to a share.

The setup is that I have a user’s PC with a shared CD-RW. I need to write to this drive with a batchfile every day.

InCD V4 does that perfectly, but only once, after which I need to format the CD again.

InCD V3 does this fine, and every now and then you just right click on the icon in the taskbar, and select format. 60 seconds later and it is ready.

I have searched the world over now, but can find no download place. We have licensed versions of everything, so it’s not even as if it is illegal.

Please would someone help?

Or would you recommend other software for this purpose? I need something easy for my user. [ insert CD, open batchfile, and every now and then format CD ]