InCD UDP formats

InCD allows one to choose which version of UDP for formating their disks. I think 1.5 is their recommended one, then there is 2.0, 2.1 and 2.5.

I have done a couple of experiments with DVD +/- RW to try to figure out which is the best, but have not been able to determine it yet.

  • I don’t like that there recomended version leaves a hidden/unaccessible directory in plain site, but that is just my preference.

  • I suspect that the version of about 2.1 is more compatible with other systems that can read udp packets.

I am looking for opinions on Speed, Stability and compatability of the different versions. :confused:

  • Another problem I have is that the format command does not seem to format the whole disk, even with the Full format and verify options checked. I would just as soon format and be done with it, then to have the disk slow down file transfer; while it is formatting it next section.

I write batch files that xcopy directly to disk, but they seem to be so slow, when being sent to DVDs - but this slowness is also the same speed as explorer transfers.

As of yet, I haven’t observed much difference in transfer speeds, based on the UDP version.