InCD troubleshooting under Win2K

This guide is now available at the CDRLabs site

Step S11 of the guide has just been expanded slightly with warnings about registry removals, and UpperFilters and LowerFilters (which should not reference drivers that have been renamed; otherwise errors will occur after rebooting).

Step 17 now includes additional info about alternate data streams.

Step S7 of the InCD guide shows how to get the InCD help working when it is not installed properly.

This step may also be of general interest for problems with Ahead’s self-extracting installers.

sorry, but the only needed troubshooting step is to remove InCD.

I second that.:Z

Questions about InCD come up frequently on various CD burning forums or newsgroups. In most cases, only quite emotional responses are provided.

The popular answer “Don’t use InCD” typically just indicates that InCD has not been tested in a relatively clean OS environment. In other words, most difficulties with InCD are due to conflicts with previously installed burning software (usually Roxio’s programs or plugins).

I have tested it in a very clean environment, Ie. OS, minimal drivers, and minimal software, sure it works. If I can’t play with other programs etc. without Incd interfering with what I am doing then I don’t need it. There are many other programs that are not so invasive to the registry that I can acomplish what I need without Incd.