InCD Question

InCD runs in the system tray all the time and I do not really want that to happen. I like to have as little resident programs running as possible.

I see there is no option to have InCD not running all the time though. I do not use it every day (maybe once a week if that)

Any harm in having it turned off permanently using msconfig? When its not running will my system still be able to read from disks that are written to with InCD?

When I want to write to Disk using InCD its not that hard to just start the proggie and then turn it off again when I am done. InCD uses over 4000k of mem on my system that I would rather put to other uses.


InCD doesn’t have an option to remove the icon from the system tray like DirectCD. DirectCD’s option doesn’t change the operation of the program, it just turns the tray icon off and on.

You could try removing the icon by disabling the InCD program autostart in MSconfig. A program shortcut could be used when you want to use InCD. Be aware, though, that packet writing programs like InCD will continue to run in the background whether the icon is in the system tray or not. You are not turning it off and on with this method. This is because InCD is integrated with the system files at startup. You may not save as much memory as you think by disabling the icon. InCD must be uninstalled to stop its operation.

Even if the InCD icon is not in the system tray, the system should continue to read packet written CD-RW discs.

Thanks for the info!

Now I dont know what I will do. if its still mem resident anyhow maybe I will just un-install it.