Incd Problem?

I recently bought a TDK 52-24-48. It came bundled with Nero express and Incd. I can create a disc (cd-rw) fine on the TDK, drag and drop etc. The files have the attribute archive. I put the disc in a dvd drive and attributes are read only and archive. I cannot reset the read only. I get a message "An error occured applying attributes to the file (file name) Access denied. The files can be transfered to a zip drive and they carry the read only and archive attributes. I now can change to archive on the zip drive. I have run direct/cd and did not have this problem. My question is, is this the way it is supposed to work or do I have something configured wrong. I have searched the Nero and TDK websites and can’t find an answer even in the Incd documentation I downloaded. Being new at this would appreciate any help. BTW when I reinstall the disc in the writer the attributes are still archive. Thanks