InCD problem, Files invisible!


After running my original test using InCD v3.31, I updated to v3.37 to verify problems with this version that had been reported at InCD Problem renaming a folder - v 3.37.0. I experienced the same error messages and inability to rename folders and files. This version seems generally buggy and unstable.

After uninstalling 3.37 and reinstalling 3.31, everything worked normally again. I have reformatted in 3.31, copied more files and tested the disc in six drives other that the originating burner in two computers. It was read in all drives just as expected. Renaming files and folders works as it should in 3.31.

I would recommend that you use InCD v3.31 for your tests.

If you don’t have it, it’s still available at the Nero FTP Site :wink:

Well, i am using the InCD bundled with my burner.

The version is 3.29.1

I would download the v3.31 from the link I posted above. I know that it works OK, but can’t say about the v3.29.

OK, I’ll down it from the link given by Inertia & post my results soon.

InCD 3.31 link is not working.

So, i am forcefully downloading 3.37.

Will post my results soon.

Don’t use v3.37. You’re wasting your time. I’ve already told you that this software version shouldn’t be used and the reasons why. I also pointed you to a link discussing the problems with v3.37. Why do you want to use it? :confused:

I just tried the link for the v3.31 that I posted. It works.

Here are a few more links:

This is strange. The same link was not working yesterday night.

I tried it again now after seeing your post & it has started working again.

I’ll download 3.31 & upgrade & post me experience with it soon.

Luckily I have installed the downloaded InCD 3.37 yet.

I’ll now download & install 3.31 instead.

Sorry just overlooked.

The link given by Inertia on Page 1 for InCD 3.31 is not working.

But, link given by him on page 2 is working.

I’ve tried only the 1st link & it has worked so, I haven’t checked the remaining 2.

Well, upgraded to InCD 3.31 as Inertia suggested.

Now, the problem has gone. I can see all files in the packet written CD-RW.

But, another problem has arised, not as serious as the earlier but here it goes:


a) Lite-On 48x Burner - Reads all the files as before
b) LG 52x CD-ROM- Now, reads all the files written on the RW.


a) Acer 52x CD-ROM drive - Now read all the files written on the RW.
b) Creative 48x Infra CD-ROM - Cannot even detect the CD. When the CD is inserted, the LED lamps blink for some time & the drive throws out the CD-RW. Earlier it had no problems detecting the CD-RW. Now, whats this new problem all about ??? :bow: :a :confused: :eek: :frowning: :Z :rolleyes:

Offhand, I would say that the problem is with the Creative drive. They are not known for quality and performance.

At the CD Speed DAE Tests, a 48x Creative CD-ROM came in ranked 197 out of 252 drives tested.

It is not suitable for burning on the fly even at 8x. It’s just a cheap, low quality, marginal drive.

At least you got Mt. Rainier working in InCD. :wink:

whats this new problem all about ???

Must be another “user error” problem. :rolleyes:


Agreed that Creative CD-ROMs are not upto the mark.

But, just one day before I was able to read the CD-RW.

Also, this thing started to happen only when I reformatted the CD-RW in InCD 3.31.

Also, Creative drives are not cheap at all. They are nearly the most pricey ones.

Also, i have been using the Creative CD-ROM for many years now. I had never got this kinda problem like the drive not even detecting the CDs.

You’re welcome, darshanjog.

Glad to have helped. Your gratitude is overwhelming. :cool:

Detecting CDs was a problem to my Acer 52x before I upgraded its firmware.

What do you all think it is ??? :bow: :bow: :bow:

Anyway, thanx all of you for helping me.

My major problem of invisible files is solved.

The current problem is minor as the PC has 2 CD-ROMs & atleast one of them can detect the CD.

Have used INCD for years on win98.
Changed to windows XP and problems started.

Using latest version of INCD it was always asking for the disk to be reformatted which i did over and over again.
No I have no other packet Writing such as Direct CD installed.

When it finally decided to work I recorded onto a brand new CD.

Made a backup onto a different make of CD as a reserve.

Copied the files on to the first CD no problem it appeared.
Did same for the other CD & when I tried to eject the CD many minutes later it opened the tray ejected the Cd but then quickly closed the tray with the CD still in and then shut down the machine & restarted.

On restarting again both CDs were blank even though originally they had files on them both.

Spent hours trying varous combinations with no success.

Reinstalled INCD with no luck.

Finally removed INCD completely & just used Nero Multisession.
Works a treat and you get 200 MB more on a disk and no heartache.
Recommend this method.

Well my NEW MINOR problem which I mentioned above is solved.

There was some problem in the Formatting of the RW.

Just reformatted the RW in Mt. Rainier format like I always do & voila - its detected in every CD-ROM drive including the Creative Infra 48x.

I now have a feeling that InCD is poorly programmed. DirectCD never gave me such problems.

Will soon shift to DirectCD.