InCD problem - CD Drive doesn't show up in Windows Explorer

Here is what happened…

I pasted two zip files onto my CDRW and they showed up on there. I took the CD out and over to my roommates puter and his puter would try and try to read the CD but it never could. I tried clicking on the CD drive in Windows Explorer but then I’d get the hourglass forever and have to shut down. So, I take the CD back to my puter and InCD would not recognize that I put in my CDRW…it wouldn’t even try. So I decide to uninstall InCD which I did and try installing Direct CD. Well after I uninstalled InCD and restarted my computer, my CD drive in Windows Explorer wasn’t there. I don’t know how to get it back now and I really need it.

I’d appreciated any help I can get. Thanks :-\