InCD not working on NEC 3500A

My problem is that InCD 4.305 is not working on my new NEC 3500A.

Before my Sony DRU500A died, my Alcohol 120, Nero, and InCD were working perfect. But after installing NEC 3500A my InCD won’t recognize any DVD+/-RW media’s new or old. My Alcohol120 and Nero 6.3 still works fine.

My firmware is 2.17. I’m using Windows XP SP2.

Can anybody help me?

Some general comments. Search the forum for tips to ensure the hardware is installed correctly. Ensure the RW media is supported by the 3500. Uninstall and reinstall Nero.

Good luck.

and incd will not work with your 3500 if you read up on the drive you will find it does not have mt. ranier support and that is what is need to use incd … in my opinion incd is not very usefull anyway and more trouble than it is worth and I uninstall it.

Friends, thanks for the advice.
Might as well uninstall it and just use Nero’s multi-session.


InCD - has had a bunch of problems - and not only with burners but with other programs - I was having a problem with my Panda AV software not being able to update - went on Pandas site and WALLA - it says to uninstall InCD and reboot - did that and - WALLA - the Panda works again-

I have kept it off since then-


Likewise. I never install InCD.

I use dvd-ram for packet writing.

I’ve never had problems with InCD and it works fine on my 3500. Mount Rainier support is not necessary to use InCD. But to use a Mount Rainier formatted RW on a non Mount Rainier drive requires extra software.

From the InCD help file: “In order to be able to read discs in Mount Rainier format on drives that do not support this format (CD-MRW/DVD+MRW), you will need a so-called remapper (the ‘InCD Reader’). It is not installed as part of the InCD installation process, so you will need to install it separately. Depending on the operating system in use, you may also have to install InCD.”

If the RWs you’re trying to read were formatted on the Sony (which supports Mount Rainier) you’ll need to go to the Nero website and download InCD reader.