InCD Newbie Question

I have used EZ CD Creator 4 and the version of Direct CD that came with it for many years with no problem. I am putting together a new computer and Direct CD will not find my new CD burner, so I decided to use the copy of Nero 5.5 that came with the burner. I fully removed EZ CD Creator and Direct CD (Along with all the hidden stuff) And I’ve installed Nero and InCD and downloaded the latest updates. When I format a CD-RW in the CD-MRW format I can write to the CD with no problem.
(So much for the preamble - Now to the question) :a
The problem comes when I shut down the computer and restart it. The disk is no longer readable in InCD! Is this “normal” do you always have to eject the CD before you shut down?
I’m used to Direct CD where you can shut down the computer and restart it and the CD stays mounted with no problems.
Ideas or Comments?

Hi there and welcome to the forum ,

If i’m not mistaken , there were some bugs in the 5.x versions of Nero’s InCD , but i’m not sure.

Well play with it long enough and a solution will present itself.

I Unloaded Nero 5.5 and IN CD using Roxio Go-Back (Love that program) and installed a copy of EZ CD Creator 5 that I had. Lo and behold the problem did not go away. So just for kicks I went and bought some new CD-RW’s. :a
Problem Gone! Works fine! Shutdown, Startup, Eject and Insert all work like they should. (I don’t care much for the four minute wait for Direct CD to finish writing to the CD. I liked the way the old Direct CD worked better.)
It was the older 4x CD RW’s creating the problem. If I format the old CD’s on my old computer using Direct CD that came with EZ CD Creator 4 it works in the new drive as well.

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