InCD Nero Format error



Alright, here we go…
Running XP Pro & nero incd 3.5.24
Can’t complete a full format of any kind of CDRW.
Get error (0051-0003-000c-0000)…cant’ complete, please reboot and try again…my ass I will.
Have two other XP Pro computers and they will ether do the same
or just get an error and have to close out.
Have turned off the Burning XP support and reloaded nero and cleared reg keys. Both CD’s are on seperate IDE channels. No help.



Take a look at the InCD troubleshooting guide:

and come back with more information.


how did you disable xp’s built in burning software? sounds like it isn’t disabled. Go to admin tools>services and check if imapi cd burning service is disabled (not stopped or auto has to be disabled) then right click on your burner select properties then recorder tab and untick “enable cd burning from this device”


Some additional information is given in this thread:


I think my dislike of packet writing software is well known. You don’t need it so do the following

  1. Uninstall Incd – it doesn’t buy you anything except trouble.
  2. download the latest version of Nero and update so your version is at least 5.5

3 )Start the Nero program – close the wizard and click on New
4) Choose erase – this will erase your CDRW
5) now start New again
6) choose start multi-session
7) add / drag your files
8) Burn

  1. to burn more files start Nero again and select continue multi session

  2. if you don’t want to add any more files after this session then ensure the finalize button is clicked.

  3. Add your new files
    12 Burn

– Easy

After your CDRW is finalized you CAN re-use it again — just start NERO and ERASE. Then compile your new file selection.

BTW you can easily make bootable CDRW’s as well with this and Bootable DVD’s as well. Also re-usuable Audio CD’s that play on most decent newer CD players now and video (although DVD’s are better for this)

I’m running XP and also find Incd was no good – same with Roxio Direct CD --a real piece of “Bovine Scatology”.

Good Luck


Thanks for all the feed back!

CD burning is turned off through burner properties and admin.
I have the latest Nero burning installed as well,
No help.
I have a new XP Pro installed on one computer and it sucks as well.
Can’t complete a format.
Is it the version I am using? 3.5.24
I know there are several people that have good luck using this InCD from all the posts from many forums., as well as negative.
I have a specific use to have packet writing, other wise I would toss this software back to Nero.
Nero its self is great for buring!
I seem to have an InCD belly ache.

Any feed back on this problem?



i’m just starting with xphome clean install, i mean down to the metal…i don’t use packet writing either at this time, when i did, i used direct cd…and never had a prob, until i installed nero…yeah, i did, i’ve made 'em all. when i got things back. direct cd worked the same. i didn’t install incd.
is there an aspi layer in xp?..

i’ve not had probs with cdwriting/reading on my machine in a long while. i’d call it a learning experience since this is a family oriented site. grin:o

i’m now trying to get a 40x plextor usb drive doing what she needs done. ie burning something from mp3 format to something that will play in her (old) car player…budgets are always tight.


A pain in the bum, dump it and use 1kyle’s idea.

InCd has never worked for me NEVER. and looking at the thread posted with nfo its more trouble than its worth.



i been using incd 3.524 with great luck. got about 200 dvd-rw discs.

any 1 using version 4 now? should i upgrade or just stick with what i have now? any advantage?

if i upgrade …i would have to reformat all 200 dvd-rw discs.


Welcome to CDFreaks, jjwstar!:slight_smile:

I must say I’m impressed by your number of InCD-formatted discs.

InCD is still buggy. Although Ahead seems to be quite responsive to users’ reports, it’s hard to guess when InCD 4.x will reach a more mature stage:

Thus you should stick with InCD 3.52.40 for now.

It is not clear whether you will need to reformat your discs once you do upgrade to InCD 4.x. Craig Campbell of Ahead assured me that this shouldn’t be necessary, but I had only asked him about CD-RW, not DVD-RW. To be on the safe side, one will need to try and see.