InCd/Nero Express + Win98SE + LiteOn CD-RW queries



Dear Members,

Cannot Format a CD-RW:

I wonder if anyone could kindly assist me with some queries on the combination of InCd/Nero Express and Win98SE using a LiteOn CD-RW (but perhaps the make of CD-RW is not critical).

I used to have a Plextor “PlexWriter 40x12x40 CD-RW” internally fitted (then the fastest on the market here). It used “Nero5 Burning Rom”. It worked fine but the tray was very slow in ejecting and it later got cracked, although I super-glued it back and it’s O.K.

However, about a week ago, I bought a “LiteOn 52x32x52 CD-RW”. As with the previous CD-RW, it is fitted as the “master” on the second IDE socket on my Gigabyte Board.

I installed the new software “Nero Express” and the other items including “InCd”. It worked O.K. at first although I found that the Mt Rainier function was in conflict with my previously formatted InCd discs (used as floppies to back up “My Documents” and “OE6” saves using special programmes etc.).

Just recently, I reloaded Win98SE (using a start-up disk) after disabling a couple of safety programmes (Go Back De Luxe, etc).
I had to restore the Registry however as my e-mail programme was missing at first with its 13,000 saved messages!).

After this, I discovered that “Nero Express” would not re-install. I wrote to Ahead Software in Germany and so far have received an acknowledgement also reference to cleaning tools, etc. I downloaded various items, after which I was again able to re-install “Nero Express”. However, now “InCd” was not able to “Format” (either in UDF or Mt Rainier).

I wrote again to Ahead Software and I also put out a request for help on a Forum I came across via “” called
(no replies as yet).

I suspect that there is a problem with the dreaded “ASPI” Layer etc., because I remember that I had three days of frustration when I bought my “PlexWriter” a few years ago and knew nothing about the “Aspi Layer” and so on.

When running the “Aspi” Check Tool, I see I have three files showing two of which are dated 10/10/2001 but the other one WINASPI.DLL is dated 23/4/1999 with a message “ASPI file[s] are missing” and these are listed under “System Aspi”. Under “Nero Aspi” there is nothing showing and a message “ASPI is not installed” is shown.

At present, the “Nero Express” burning function seems to be working O.K. (I tried a simulation of a music CD which gave a perfect test result at the speed of x24), but I cannot “format” a blank CD-RW in InCd (so that I can use the CD as a floppy).

However, the CD-RW LiteOn is able to read some of my discs (some of which were formatted by the “Plexwriter” in UDF and some which were formatted in “Mt Rainier” when the new LiteOn was working initially).

I apologise for the length of this message. I have been trying to sort out this problem and have devoted over 40 hours day and night trying to get things going. Ahead Software are a bit slow to reply and I do find it a general problem that retail shops that sell these and other computer goods do not have any idea how to help their customers. An ordinary beginner has no chance without someone to guide him or her.

If anyone has the patience to help at all, I shall be most grateful.

I find manuals and FAQs of limited help. It’s much easier when someone who knows what’s what can help you step by step.

Regards, Victor (London, UK).


Dear Members,

Since writing my first message on your Forum, I have received six e-mails from “Ahead Software” but all identical referring me to their Site. What I needed was some personal help.

On another Site, one of their members, Keith in England, has been most helpful and in case it is of any interest, you will see the postings at:-

I bought “NERO 6” yesterday to use with my new LITEON CD-RW (two e-mails sent to LITEON were returned as undeliverable), but I am still in great difficulty.

I believe that the main problem is about this dreaded “ASPI LAYER”.

I still cannot use my CD-RW or NERO 6 because of ASPI/WIN98SE file errors, deficiencies or incompatibility. I don’t know exactly because Ahead Software don’t reply with help that actually assists me.

As I said on the other Site above, if you go to your local Doctor’s Surgery in agony, it’s not much help to be sent away and referred to the City of London Medical Library to try to sort it all out yourself!

QUESTION: This is addressed to members who run WINDOWS 98SE and “NERO 6” (if any), - please can you tell me what files appear in the ASPI Section in the “GET INFO” button on the right-hand side of the opening screen in “NERO 6”. There are two parts one is under “SYSTEM ASPI” and the other is under “NERO ASPI”. You see a yellow or green light with a message in each case. Also, please what is the Version and its date?

Thank you.

Regards, Victor. 7/5/04. London.