inCD - need some help



Hello everyone.
I’m a trainee at an electronics company and i’ve been asked to search any troubles and solutions to those problems about InCD. i’m looking forward to your help guys… :bow:
When u press eject while recording, it does not stop and eject, how can we make it eject?
When and under what conditions does InCD crash?


Do a search of this forum for “InCD” and sit back and read. The problems are many and varied. InCD uses a driver to make the discs mount as a system drive. These drivers often conflict with other drivers, causing a variety of issues.

The reason you cannot eject a disc while it is still writing is that this would make the disc unreadable. The same occurs if the write is interrupted by a system crash or reboot.


Does InCd have any chronical problems that can never be solved by version upgrades. Any problem because of the design of the program which can never be solved?


We write a disc with InCD and it says process completed, at that time, we restart the computer, do we lose the data in the CD or not???


I’m using InCD version on my laptop. At this moment of writing, I have just experienced data corruption in my InCD DVD-RW. This is what I did:

I copied files to a DVD-RW that was formatted with InCD. The DVD-RW could not be ejected because it was still being written to. The laptop could neither be restarted nor hibernated because the writing was still in progress. The last time it took about 2 hours to write a DVD-RW before it could be ejected (I have a 2x DVD writer that writes to DVD-RWs at only 1x speed). Since I couldn’t wait so long, I decided to pull the plug from the laptop and restart it. When I reinserted the DVD-RW, there was no data on it.

So you should wait until the disc pops out on its own no matter how long it takes. That’s when all data have been written properly to it.

There’s another thread in this forum that warns against the use of InCD. See Because of the number of problems, I do not use InCD or any other packet writing software for archiving important data, preferring to use a burning program instead. I backup data on another hard disk, and archive on DVD-Rs using a DVD burning application.