INCD little PB!

INCD is great, but it doesn’t work with adaptec’s UDF cd reader installed!

Is there a way to go around this?
you guy from Ahead can you make it work together as this one from adaptec only reads from Cd!


It sucks. I tried this new version too, just to see if maybe they finally got it to work properly. But once again I was disappointed. It still doesn’t work reliably. I tried it on three different machines with three different operating systems. It didn’t work on ANY of the machines.

Oh well, maybe the next version will work right.


Yes, in general you can’t run InCD and Roxio’s UDF Reader on the same system.

I gather you would like to read discs formatted with Direct CD on a box where only InCD is installed.

It might be easier to read such discs in a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive instead of your burner. CD-RW discs should be readable, possibly after installing Ahead’s EasyWriteReader (shouldn’t be necessary under WinXP SP1).

The case of CD-R discs is more difficult. Assuming the discs are “closed” and “finalized”, you could try EasyWriteReader as well. Otherwise you may install Roxio’s UDF Reader to copy the discs to your HDD, then remove Roxio’s UDF Reader, reinstall InCD and copy the discs’ images to CD-RW media.

Captain Marvel:

There is no need for pasting the same message in two threads. My answer is given in the other thread:

Thanks for reply!! I’ll try that!

INCD is good, but cleanly not reliable forever 100%
So make double!