Incd linux


does ahead will go out incd for linux soon?


incd and all packet-writing software is an abomination, why you’d want that ported to linux i’ll never know.

now, nero recode would be worth porting…

why? because packet-writing is very usefull

Being able to write files to a cd or dvd with a simple move or copy command is far move convenient and user friendly than any master software, that’s why packet writing should be made for Linux. Not speaking of the efficiency of packet writing compared to the overhead of multi-session.

I believe multiple udf based packet writing software have being attempted by the community of free software developers, with no really usable result as today.

However it would be an engineering challenge for Nero to acquire the competence to develop a kernel mode file system for Linux (because this is what packet writing is) without exposing their UDF code. As they are some kind of leader in the support of newest UDF innovations, they will be reluctant to jeopardize their competitive advantage.

This is only my educated personal opinion of course.

Btw, I newly moved to Microsoft. I am no more InCD’s team leader.

From what I read on about UDF packet-writing:

As you might know DVD+RW media can sustain only around 1000 overwrites. The thing about fully fledged file systems is that every read [or tight bunch of 'em] is accompanied by corresponding i-node update or in other words a write! Now, let’s say you lookup the mount point (e.g. ls /mnt/dvd) ten times a day. This gives you a 100 days lifetime on your mountpoint and therefore media.
I don’t know how this is with normal CD-RW’s, but it doesn’t sound that great to me. Oh, and UDP packet-writing is already in the Linux kernel ~ maybe just not the same technology though.

packet writing breaks all the dvd standards (and cd for that matter) if you can’t put a packet-written disc in any machine and have it read it without additional software, then it’s no use.

Hmm, last time I checked in the kernel config there was packet writing available.

Why not? You can read it on XP without any additional software. I have no problems with that. I can even read it on Linux, even though it has been recorded on Windows.