InCD help

Hi there fellow club members.

I’m probably posting to the wrong forum - but then I’m newbie! I’m desparate for some help with this problem:

I have Nero 6 v6316 running on my pc and InCD v41510. Both work but do not use MRW format. This means that CDs which I create on other machines using the same software are unreadable on my machine and I cannot write to them - because they are in MRW format. My drive does support MRW format - it’s not a harware problem, but I can’t get InCD to use that format.

I have unchecked the ‘CD burning box’ under properties on my CD drive to stop Windows XP interfering, but it doesn’t make any difference.

If I install InCD EasyWrite Reader, my drive will read MRW formatted CDs from other machines but will still not write to them.
If I ceck under properties on my CD drive after installing EasyWrite, the InCD tab dialogoue shows Drive supports MRW read - Yes; Drive supports MRW write - No. The check box at the bottom for MRW is greyed out so I can’t check it!

Does anyone know how I can getInCD to use MRW format for reading and writing. I will be eternally grateful if anyone can solve this for me because I’m sick of buying software and licenses and finding I hit a whole heap of problems that need to be solved before I can use the goods!